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Simple and essential, just right for your daily work.
DX220LCA-2 delivers high productivity with outstanding fuel efficiency at a much more reasonable TCO (total cost of owning & operation) than others of the same class. Above all, its fuel consumption per hour has been dramatically improved by up to 12%* or more against others of the same class by using quality-proven key components along with the engine, MCV and hydraulic system, which are newly developed and enhanced by Doosan technologies. It also comes with a breaker package optimized for breaker operation only an operator’s seat simply designed for greater operational focus, thereby further increasing work efficiency.
Excellent work efficiency
Its fuel consumption and work efficiency differentiated from those of the same class are the reasons you should choose DX220LCA-2.
Breaker system customized to your business
DX220LCA-2 helps you perform breaker operations with a breaker package optimized for a great number of breaker operations.
A spacious cabin with enhanced comfort
DX220LCA-2 comes with a neatly designed cabin with no redundancy in it. You can never find anything that gets in the way of running your machine. Experience the comfort of working in a more spacious cabin.
Pride of DOOSAN, DOOSAN maintenance
Are you worried about your machine maintenance?
Don’t be. Doosan’s maintenance service program is at your service and this whole new DX220LCA-2 is also part of it. Trust Doosan.

Weight (kg)

Bucket Size (m³) Std GP

Digging Depth (m)

Engine Details


Suitable For:




Doosan DB58TIS
6 Cylinder Turbo Charged
109 KW

Short Undercarriage (7 Track Rollers)

General Excavation